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The primary aim of Lila Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. has been to add considerably to national growth by following economic and eco-friendly methods of sustainable agriculture. We tend to offer the Indian farmers upgraded farming techniques so that they can come up with better products. Consequently, our farmers would gain a more profitable position in global competition. With our services, we have reached a leading stature as far as plant nutrition is concerned. We have the strong support of R & D on one hand, and a thorough knowledge on the agricultural market and needs of the customers. Our technocrats are driven with the soul motive of coming up with newer formulas and compositions of agricultural products. The twofold developments of these products are that they revive soil health and thereby contribute to sustainable production system and improving the qualitative value of the crops.

R & D is the strongest pillar of the operations undertaken by Lila Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. and it is also the reason why our company can claim to evolve (for the better) continuously. Every single product launch is preceded by an extensive research and field trials. The R&D team of our company is comprised of seasoned professionals who work as Senior Agricultural Scientists, Soil Chemist, and Microbiologist. They work in a fully equipped laboratory, which consists advanced instruments which help in carrying out physical-chemical and microbiological analyses. We have lucky enough to receive the valuable guidance from educational institutions such as IIT Kharagpur, Visva-Bharati and BCKV Mohanpur, since Day 1.



When it comes to quality, LILA AGROTECH Pvt. Ltd. shows no compromise. The company understands that the very competition of its products is with the synthetic and toxic materials, thus it lays special emphasis on every aspect of the manufacturing process. Right from the procurement of the raw material to the final delivery, LILA AGROTECH Pvt. Ltd. follows a stringent quality control management following international norms of quality, to ensure safe and hygienic products to its customers. Recently LILA AGROTECH Pvt. Ltd. has achieved an international standard of quality management system and declared itself as an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization.


LILA AGROTECH Pvt. Ltd. has developed a new process technology of vermi compost by maintaining commercial and economical aspects and inclusion of automation by intensive research and development since 2003. It also manufactures Bio fertilizers and Bio-fungicides using efficient strains of Azotobacter sp, Azospirillum sp, Bacillus polymyxa, Trichoderma viride, Trichoderma reesei, Trichoderema harzianum, Pseudomonas flourescens etc and neem based bio-pesticides formulated from azadirachtin. The brand Astha also supports other plant growth requirements like micro-nutrients and hormones. The organization has also developed a well-equipped infrastructural facility to impart training to unemployed youth and Self-help Groups and provides franchises with full-fledged marketing support