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ASTHA ROOT MASTER(Rooting Hormone)

ASTHA ROOT MASTER(Rooting Hormone)


ASTHA ROOT MASTER is a powerful root initiator for all sorts of cuttings. It can initiate root in soft, semi soft or even hard cuttings of woody plants, which thereby reduces the cost for procuring different root initiator for different type of cuttings.

Chemical Composition:

Based on biologically synthesized organic materials such as IAA, IBA and gibberllic acid which are derived from apical parts of the related plants and mixed with 200 mess minerals (China clay).


For soft/hard wood cutting of different plants may be dipped into the water and mixed with the powder and kept for 5 minutes to dry up before transplanting. This material is equally effective for cutting and grafting. It enhances the germination of roots uniformly.

Where to use:

ASTHA ROOT MASTER is used for root initiation in horticulture, floriculture, forestry and commercial crops like tea. It is also used for initiating roots in cuttings of sugarcane, bamboo, betal vine, potato, turmeric, ginger, medicinal plants like coleus, stevia, patchouli etc. It is used both as powder or slurry form.

Availabile Packing:

Dust: 50gm., 100gm, 250gm., 500gm., 1Kg.

Liquid: 50ml. ,100ml., 250ml., 500ml.,  1ltr.

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